A fetish is an object believed to possess spiritual power. A fetish that has been blessed by a shaman would be considered a true fetish by most Native Americans. Most fetishes created today could be called carvings because they are made as art objects. They could become true fetishes if properly blessed and used. Many Native American tribes produce and use fetishes, the most renowned fetish carvers are the Zuni.

Baby Badger

Price: $18.00

Badger Fetish 1

Price: $45.00

Badger Fetish 2

Price: $65.00

Bear Fetish 1

Price: $210.00

Bear Fetish 2

Price: $20.00

Bear fetish 5

Price: $15.00

Coyote Fetish

Price: $35.00

Horse Fetish

Price: $50.00

Parrot Fetish

Price: $50.00

Red Squirell

Price: $50.00

Thick Horse Fetish

Price: $70.00

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